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Our Position on COVID-19
While we recognize the importance of safety pertaining to COVID-19, we also know chances are high that a pup will develop irreversible issues if it isn't exposed to all the things it may encounter in its lifetime, ideally, by the time it's 14 weeks old. Additionally, troubling behaviors, not only in puppies but in older dogs as well, should be addressed before they become concerning habits, and later, serious problems. Waiting until the COVID-19 lockdown is over may very well be too late to help in these situations. For reasons like these, we are currently open for business, and adhering to social distancing guidelines.
Phase Training
     Our experience has shown that dog owners vary greatly in what they want out of their lives with their best friends. Some like to take their dogs everywhere with them; on car rides, into stores, and on adventures like camping, hiking and even to Disneyland. For others, the local dog park is considered an adventure. Then there are those owners who simply seek a companion they can go on walks with around the neighborhood, not to mention owners whose lives with their dogs would benefit from some form of behavior modification.

   It is for this reason that we created Phase Training. This form of one-on-one personalized training typically starts with an initial evaluation of the dog and owner. This initial evaluation not only covers what individual owners seek to achieve with their pals, but also takes into account the fact that dogs themselves are individuals. Each phase of training begins with a 90 minute session, followed by a period of time during which an owner applies the applications, methods and techniques learned during the training session, aiming to attain specific milestones. When these milestones are met, we progress to the next phase, which begins with continued evaluation to help ensure we're always moving in the right direction with a given dog. Because the time to move through each phase can vary, scheduling is flexible.

   Whatever it is that you want to accomplish - establishing solid structure and manners with a new pup, grooming a dog for therapy visits to hospitals, service dog training, developing solid obedience, etc. - Phase Training programs are tailored to meet your specific needs. And, working with you on an individual basis enables us to be very comprehensive with our Phase Training. We cover a lot of ground in just a few sessions, so to help ensure that you stay on track, custom documentation, tailored specifically for you and your dog, is often provided as we move through each phase.

   We focus heavily on psychology throughout the program because we want you to have a thorough understanding of the theories behind each concept, technique and method, and their applications. After all, if you don't know why we teach what we teach, or when and how to apply which techniques, your training won't be effective. If you think it sounds like we teach you to be a dog trainer, you're right, because that's exactly what we do!

   So that we can help your dog understand that your commands are expected to be heeded regardless of where you happen to be or what distractions might be present, Phase Training often includes sessions conducted in different environments. For example, we might vary the sessions between our training facility, different types of public places, and even your home, depending upon what we're working on.

   The table below summarizes the differences between Phase Training and typical group training classes. Click here for our philosophy on group training classes.

Group Training Classes Phase Training
Course material includes common basic commands Comprehensive training program is tailored to meet your specific needs
Group training focuses on everyone as a group One-on-one training focuses specifically on you and your dog
Weekly classes Flexible scheduling
Structured weekly progression Progress at your own pace; program can also be modified as needed
More material is covered in each phase than can be covered in a class
Includes comprehensive documentation
Includes telephone consultations, as needed
Address specific issues - counter-surfing, digging, destructive behavior, etc.
Work with reactive, non-social, or aggressive dogs
Stage scenarios to simulate real-life situations
Can address issues occurring at home
"Proof" commands to solidify learned behaviors

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Feel free to ask to see a demo and we'll show you an example of a dog who has learned to Heel, Sit, Stay, Come, etc. off-leash, in the face of distraction anywhere in the real world (not just some training area), including at a dog park with other dogs running around like maniacs!


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