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Our Position on COVID-19
While we recognize the importance of safety pertaining to COVID-19, we also know chances are high that a pup will develop irreversible issues if it isn't exposed to all the things it may encounter in its lifetime, ideally, by the time it's 14 weeks old. Additionally, troubling behaviors, not only in puppies but in older dogs as well, should be addressed before they become concerning habits, and later, serious problems. Waiting until the COVID-19 lockdown is over may very well be too late to help in these situations. For reasons like these, we are currently open for business, and adhering to social distancing guidelines.
   The industry term for exposing dogs to other dogs and humans is know as Socialization. Most people think that socialization is only important for puppies. The truth is that while socializing puppies is indeed crucial to helping a puppy develop into a well-rounded social canine companion, dogs should be continually socialized throughout their lives. Socialization helps dogs maintain their social skills, and helps prevent them from becoming anti-social and developing phobias. Even humans regularly participate in socialized activities. Those that don't often become reclusive, and some even develop conditions such as Agoraphobia. In the dog world, being anti-social also sets the stage for fearful and aggressive behavior.
   This white paper published by the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB) emphasizes the importance of proper socialization for dogs. As veterinarians, the AVSAB knows how fragile puppies' immune systems are, yet they maintain that socialization should be incorporated into a dog's life beginning at a very young age - even before a puppy has had all of its vaccinations. That statement alone clearly demonstrates how important socialization truly is. Click on the document to the left to read the AVSAB's position on socialization - it may take a moment to load, but it's definitely worth the wait!

   As trainers with over 35 years of experience working with dogs, we've developed socialization strategies to help give dogs the very best chance at learning and maintaining appropriate social behavior, as well as aim to help them not develop phobias and anxieties. These strategies include intermingling dogs of all ages, and different sizes, when applicable.

   While many people, trainers included, typically think of socialization as "play-dates", we prefer socialization sessions to have structure built-in, as well as have education mixed into them in such a way that the dogs don't even realize they're learning.

   If your dog is already well-socialized, properly structured socialization sessions can be great opportunities to teach a dog how maintain focus on tasks amidst distraction.

   To find out more about how we can help you, contact us today.

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Feel free to ask to see a demo and we'll show you an example of a dog who has learned to Heel, Sit, Stay, Come, etc. off-leash, in the face of distraction anywhere in the real world (not just some training area), including at a dog park with other dogs running around like maniacs!


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