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Our Position on COVID-19
While we recognize the importance of safety pertaining to COVID-19, we also know chances are high that a pup will develop irreversible issues if it isn't exposed to all the things it may encounter in its lifetime, ideally, by the time it's 14 weeks old. Additionally, troubling behaviors, not only in puppies but in older dogs as well, should be addressed before they become concerning habits, and later, serious problems. Waiting until the COVID-19 lockdown is over may very well be too late to help in these situations. For reasons like these, we are currently open for business, and adhering to social distancing guidelines.
Dog Training Videos
Video 1 - Informal Dog Training Exercise Session
  Dog training can be both fun and effective using carefully selected techniques. This video shows the incorporation of training exercises into play time. This technique is geared toward helping you develop a strong bond with your buddy, and at the same time helps shape his or her behavior. This results in a dog that performs commands out of habit, and because it wants to, instead of obeying because he or she has to.

Remember that this video is not a formal training session; it is play time with some drills casually thrown into the mix. But, note how well the dog in the video pays attention even in the face of high distraction.

Video 2 - Formal Dog Training Exercise Session
  While the video above shows the incorporation of training exercises into play time, this video features the exact opposite - the incorporation of play time into formal training. The video above emphasizes play, while application of the opposite technique in this video is geared toward incorporating specific interactive games into training sessions to help shape more formal behaviors such as your dog maintaining focusing on you. The method of training used in this video keeps the dog looking forward to training sessions, wanting to learn more and eager to please.

Important things to note while viewing this video (or any training video, for that matter):

1) Many videos of "fabulously trained" dogs display a trainer or handler holding some kind of training aid such as treats, a clicker, or remote for an electronic collar. Why would you need ANY training apparatus to film a trained dog? Think about it. Note that there are no such tools used in this video, not even a leash!

2) The majority of training videos available are compilations of many brief clips. Could it be that multiple "takes" had to be filmed until footage was captured of the dog getting things right, and all the parts in which the dog deviated from the issued commands were trimmed from the video? Watch carefully and you'll see that this video contains long segments of continuous footage because a properly trained dog doesn't deviate, so there are no mistakes to have to cut out! Even during transitions to different exercises we purposely kept the tape rolling so you can see how a properly trained dog performs in real life.

3) Many dog training videos show demonstrations of the Stay command, yet when the trainers/handlers issue the Stay command and walk away, they keep looking back over their shoulders at the dog. This is an obvious sign that they are unsure as to whether or not the dog will really stay put. If a dog is solid on Stay, there should be no need to check to ensure the dog stays put, and you won't see that sort of thing in this video.

Video 3 - Puppy Training - 10.5 week old
  This video proves that a puppy is never too young to start training when the proper techniques, applications and methods are selected specifically to match a particular puppy's stage of development, temperament and individual personality. This video was shot 5 days after "Biscuit" started training with us at 10 weeks old. As you can see, this Kinder-pup learned more in 5 days than many dogs are taught in their entire lifetimes!

Video 4 - Therapy Dog - CBS News Clip
  This is a news clip of Sadie, a dog we trained and certified for Therapy work at Sacramento City College.

Video 5 - Solidifying Behaviors with a 4 mos. Puppy
  This is Day 3 of training where we help solidify behaviors with a 4  mos. old female German Shepherd puppy. Note that instead of scolding her when she makes mistakes, we use Charlotte's mistakes as learning opportunities to help her understand exactly where she went wrong and how to perform her tasks correctly.

Video 6 - 3 mos. Puppy Doing Drills
  This is a 3 mos. old female Rottweiler performing Sit-Down-Sit drills as part of our Phase Training. Note that the owner wanted to use Russian commands.

Video 7 - A Client and His Dog
  This video was submitted by Suresh Kannan, a client of ours, shortly after he, his wife and young daughter completed our basic obedience course with their 9 month old female German Shepherd.

Notice how well Ariel pays attention to Suresh when under command. It's also obvious by how quickly she responds that she is quite happy to perform the commands. Suresh has done a great job applying the techniques he learned in our course to teach Ariel to control her natural instincts, which is evident in how well she maintains an off-leash Stay when Suresh throws the ball and then walks over to pick it up. She doesn't budge when he throws the ball second time, either, until Suresh issues his release command. It's easy to see how this type of impulse control may help save Ariel's life someday, especially if something she wants to chase ends up going across a busy street!

Note how nicely Suresh is dressed while working Ariel. Suresh is obviously confident that Ariel is controlled enough to not ruin his clothes! Click here to see what Suresh and family had to say about their experience with our training.

Video 8 - 5-year old Child Training a Dog
  This is the 5-year old daughter of a family that completed a group training course. Involving the entire family in your dog's training helps maintain consistency, helps keep your dog sharp, and helps teach your dog to heed all members of the household.

Click here to see what the family had to say about their experience with our training.


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